The Team


Liz Harrington

Travelling Head Person and Racing Secretary 

Liz takes care of the day to day office work for me and she is in charge of overseeing all the horses going racing and attending racedays. 

 Racing is what she lives for.


Georgie Murgatroyd

Head Girl

Georgie joined me back in the summer of 2011. Georgie works to an incredibly high standard which is fantastic for me knowing that the staff care.

She helps to run the yard and oversees the staff and horses here at Conkwell Lodge, She has a great deal of experience in the eventing and horse racing world, as well as breaking in and producing alot of young horses both at home and here at Conkwell Lodge.

She is a great help to me and a hard-working team player with vast knowledge and a wealth of experience both on the gound and in the saddle. Georgie also helps in the office when she has time helping with the website and helping to managing the horses files, she also drives to the races when I need her too.

She has horses of her own who she regularly competes in eventing and showjumping in her own time. 




Millie Wonnacott

Conditional Jockey and Barn leader

Millie joined the yard in September 2016 and is a very valuable member here at Conkwell. taking on the role of barn leader in 2017.

She has worked with horses from a young age and has a pony racing background, alongside a very successful career in showing and show jumping. she is a brilliant horsewoman.

Millie was lady novice champion for Devon and Cornwall for the 2017/2018 point to point season, Millie has now turned conditional and is making a name for herself and has ridden some great Saturday winners for us.





Harry Reed


Harry joined us in January 2017. He has had plenty of race-riding experience and has fitted in well with the other lads. He has been around horses from a very young age and has done plenty of hunting and pony-racing. He is a valued member of the team and a great horseman.

Harry celebrated losing his claim as a conditional in the beginning of 2021.





 Victoria Malzard

Amateur Jockey

Vic joins us this season (2020/2021) after spending the first half of last season with us before returning to her yard in Jersey, Vic has plenty of experience riding horses her mum is the leading trainer in Jersey and Vic has grown up around horses, she is an incredibly capable rider and is very good at settling hot headed and quirky horses. and we are looking forward to what this season brings, she is incredibly dedicated and hardworking and has a wealth of knowledge.



Andriy Severin

Head Yard Man

Andriy has been with me since the first day I started training.

He is a very experienced horseman and all of his experience has been on the yard.

Andriy is a very conscientious worker and a very trustworthy man. Andriy will not leave a job until it is done properly.

Andriy is very passionate about the horses in his care and is responsible for helping with the feeding and making sure the yard and the stables and fields are kept tidy and looked after to a high standard.



Ashleigh Wicheard

Assistant Travelling Girl 

Ashleigh is our assistant travelling girl. Ashleigh had a few years away from racing and during that time she completed her Mastry in NLP, she has returned to help with the travelling and also riding out when she isn't racing.

She is a fabulous person to have around, she knows the job inside out and is an asset to the team,

She turns the horses out to a very high standard, has a great knowledge of racing and general horse care as well as riding to a high standard, her love for the horses is clear.

Alongside this Ashleigh has been working on projects such as Ride out Racism and the inclusion of people from all backgrounds in to racing and into the horseworld in general, something she is very passionate about and she is a great role model for racing and the equine world.


Yuriy Oberemok

3rd Travelling Lad, yard and maintenance man

Yuriy helps muck out around the yard when needed and is very good with the handyman jobs. He is a great help and very useful to us all.

Yuri has also got his HGV licence and helps with driving the lorry and attending race meetings when he is required too.


Dalpat Singh

Barn Leader

Dalpat joined in summer 2015 and has worked in racing since a young age. He has worked in several different countries, Delpat is one of our Barn leaders and a key player of our team, helping out with the vets and also with the horse care and helps with the feeding in the mornings. Delpat really enjoys going racing and watching the horses he rides run.






Alex John

Yard Man

Alex is a hard worker on the yard. He always has a smile on his face and is very polite and helpful. He works to a high standard and is very quick and efficient - he's a good member of the team.


Sara Maggi

Stable Lass

Sara joins us having obtained her level one at the Northern racing college and is currently working towards her level two. Sara has always been around horses and has a horse back in Italy. Sara has previously travelled across Europe as a Show Groom for an Irish showjumper. Sara has found her career path in racing from travelling in Australia where she was working for Emirates Park's throughbred stud and then their yearling team finally finishing her stint in Australia working in a flat yard. 


James Paget

Work Rider

James has come back to us again during the 20/21 season after a 8 month break away going of to work with breakers, young horses and point to pointers and expanding his knowledge and horsemanship skills.

James is very good with horses that need time and patience and also the younger horses that need educating, and horses that need bringing back into work.


Anoup Pil

Yard Man

Anoup has been with us for 4 years now he is an asset around the yard and cares about his horses and he has great standards. He is always happy to help and muck in with all the jobs around the yard. 


Maddy Jones

Stable Lass

Maddie joined us in the 2019/2020 season having previously been in a smaller yard. Maddy has learnt alot since she has arrived here at Conkwell Lodge building on the experience she brought with her, Maddy working with the horses and helping to improve them.


 Oleg Gavrysk

Yard Man

Oleg has joined the team in the spring of 2018 having previously had plenty of experience in flat racing, he has worked for Mark Johnson and Andrew Balding before joining us, he has a great love of racing and a great passion for the horses, he has very high standards and loves to go racing. he always has a smile on his face and a good bit of banter to go with it.



Shannon Cussen

Stable lass

Shannon has recently joined us from a show jumping yard where she was in charge, she has previous experiece with racing as well. In her spare time Shannon has a love for dressage and is aiming to hopefully represent Ireland if she can in the future with her horse. Shannon is dedicated and knowledgable and her love of horses is evident.


Hannah Sheppard

Work Rider

Hannah joined us in the 2019/2020 season and is a big asset to the team, her background in eventing is a real plus here, having evented to a high level and still competing now.  Hannah's knowledge and experience really helps us here in producing the horses to their best.


Steph Hewitt

Work Rider

Steph joined us in the 2020/21 season as a work rider,

She has plenty of experience with racehorses, alongside hunting, eventing to a high standard and producing horses.

Steph helps to produce the horses to their best and her knowledge is really appriciated here at Conkwell Lodge 


Luke Roberts

Stable Lad

Luke again joined us last season 2019/20 season having previously worked in another yard. Luke has settled in, and is keen to learn and advance his knowledge in racing and gain more experience.


Chloe Eyers

 Stable Girl

Chloe has recently returned to Conkwell after working in a pre-training and breaking yard as well as a stint in a dealers yard gaining alot of extra knowledge.

In her spare time Chloe has her own horses she produces and competes as well.  


Emily Rose

Stable Girl

Emily has joined us in the 20/21 season she previously did some saturday work for us helping round the yard, she is combining working for us with going to college. she is passionate about the horses and learning about horse care and racing and has certainly caught the racing bug!!


Charlotte Callaway

work rider

Charlotte brings alot of knowledge to the team and is a great rider. She has competed outside of racing in eventing and showjumping and produces young horses from her yard at home. She is a great horse woman, and brilliant for us to have around as she is brilliant with the young horses and those that need bringing out of their shell. she is also great fun to have around a a great team player. 



Lloyd Applegate

part-time stable lad

Lloyd joins us this season 2020/21 and has quickly fitted in to the team, he has an absolute love for the sport and for the horses and is a great team player and is keen to learn. He is always there to help out and he rides really well. Lloyd is aiming to get his flat license out to ride when he turns sixteen but for now is aiming to ride in pony races while he still can. 



Joan Cousins

Part-Time Stable Lass

Joan has been with us since 2015, joining us from the stud she had worked at for over 20 years before it closed down due to the owners retiring. She has a plethora of experience from working with foals, to breaking horses in, competing, pre-training and has also ridden in point to points. In her spare time, Joan loves socialising with friends and eating out and she is a vital member of the team and is responsible for the majority of the clipping in winter and trimming and mane pulling. 









Sam Ward

Part-Time Work Rider

Sam joins us several days a week and brings a wealth of experience, having worked for several yards in the past. Sam rides to a very high standard and is brilliant at producing our young horses here,

She has worked with breakers and been involved in pre-training as well as having experience hunting and showing. She took on Highbury High when he retired and has been having alot of fun with him since.

Sam is one of the hardest workers you will meet, she has 2 young daughters and has a 2000+ sheep farm and a beef herd too that she and her husband run, and still manages to come in most days and ride a few lots out. she is a valued member of our team.




Honor Bensley

Part time help.

Honor has been with us since 2016 working every weekend and holiday. she has now gone to college after gaining some suberb GCSE results where she is now doing her A Level's in order to go on and study to be an equine vet. Honor is a massive help around the yard and can turn her hand to many of the horsecare jobs that need doing. she is passionate about racing and also the horses.


Nicole Fowler

Part time work rider

Nicole has re joined (2020/21) us having had time away to have her second daughter. Nicole is great to have here she brings alot of experience with her having worked in several top flat yards. She rides to a high standard and is good with educating the young horses and riding those that can be a little quirky too. in her spare time Nicole produces the odd RoR horse as well as running around after her 2 young girls who look set to be pony mad too!


Annie Doherty

Part time work rider.

Annie has been with us since 2016 coming in at weekends and any free time she has to ride out and help out with the trimming and mane pulling. Always happy to chip in and help out she is fab to have around.


Ed Wilkinson


Ed has been with us since we moved up to Conkwell, he is a massive part of the team, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the yard and helps to keep the horses on the road and sound. As the saying goes no foot, no horse, and Ed is incredibly expericenced and one of the very best in the business.

Alongside shoeing for us, he shoes a lot of top class eventers and competition horses up to and including Olympic level horses in different disciplines,

As well as a lot of vet referal work, Ed has shod on the London leg of the Global Champions Tour among other high class events including Barbury Horse Trails. 

Ed is a key member of the team here at Conkwell. 



Laura Biro

Equine Dentist

 Laura is responsible for looking after all of our horses teeth and mouths here at Conkwell, it is imperative that the horses are happy and comfortable in their mouths in order to perform well.

Laura became a Dental Technician in 2014 after graduating from The American School of Equine Denistry in Wyoming. Following on from graduating Laura was lucky enough to work for Dr Richard Millera leading Dental Vet in California, she travelled the length and breadth of the States treating equine mouths of all disciplines, in his state of the art mobile clinic and became a member of the International Association of Equine Dental Technicians.

On returning to the UK Laura set up her business Laura Biro Equine Dentistry. Although not from a racing background Laura has developed a real love for Thoroughbreds  and really loves treating the horses on our yard.

Laura is based not far from the yard and keeps her own horses a few minutes from our stables. 


Tori Anstey

Equine Sports Therapist

Tori is a valuable asset to our team here at Conkwell, treating all of our horses and keeping them supple and sound and feeling well.

Using a mixture of the techniques she is qualified in, keeps our horses soft and loose and moving well through their bodies and helping to stop problems before they arise, maintaining them during training and running, and of course treating those with issues that arise during training or after a race, just like you would any human athlete, so they preform at their very best, the added bonus is our horses adore being treated by Tori and all come away feeling so much better.

Tori has a background in racing having worked and ridden out for the Pitman's in Lambourn for a while, she treats horses from multi disciplines alongside other racing yards.


Tori is a registered therapist based in Frome covering a large area from Lambourn down through Wiltshire to Somerset, offering Sports Massage, Mctimoney-Corley, Bowen Therapy and photizo light therapy.